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Heavy Construction Clean Up

Our job is to help our clients maintain a clean construction site.


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What We Do

Superior Sweeping, Inc. specializes in mechanical sweeping and cleanup for heavy construction, rotomilling, paving, highway, freeway, runway, bridge, port and rail projects.

Sustainable Practices

Superior Sweeping, Inc. works hard to stay up to speed on changing air and water quality needs.

We do this by recycling, retrofitting, re-using laundered rags, and much more.

Our Fleet

We extended all of our sweepers to be capable of dumping into the tallest trucks operating in Oregon and Washington today. We have both rotary rear brooms and regenerative air vacuum machines.

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Water Truck

Superior Sweeping is now offering water truck services, and just like our sweeping service, our water truck it’s available 24/7. So, regardless if you’re looking for Dust control or equipment filled, we got you covered.



Dependability: Superior Sweeping, Inc. is known for dependability and its commitment to complete each project.

Emergency Response: We work hard to serve our clients’ needs, providing 24-hour maintenance crews and service trucks for our machines, providing relief machines and operators when needed and emergency sweeping services 24 hours a day to the best of our abilities.

Understanding Clients’ Environmental Needs:
Many of our clients work for state, federal and municipal departments of transportation. We understand their need to comply with important air and water quality standards. Our timely and thorough services help our clients minimize air and water pollution by cleaning up construction dust, particulates, dirt, and grit.

Flexibility: We work as a general contractor and as a sub-contractor, on both public and private projects. 

Rates: Our rate structure is reasonable and imminently competitive.









Our operators can be seen sweeping ODOT, WSDOT, city, county, most major paving projects, at airports, large-scale housing developments, campuses, and industrial & maintenance yards.

We also serve municipalities by sweeping residential streets for any and all needs. We help out on light rail construction, bridge projects, and anywhere heavy construction cleanup is needed.


Superior Sweeping, Inc. is a registered corporation in the state of Oregon and a registered contractor in the state of Washington.

We are happy to provide references & certificates of insurance to our clients on request.



Need To Book Our Services

We can help with a one-time project or provide on-going maintenance.

To schedule services or for more information, please contact our office — 24 hours a day to schedule services. We appreciate having advance notice so that we can accommodate our customers' needs.

Head Office

Scheduling and Main Contact

T:  503.254.8189

F: 503.254.2972


Accounts Payable and Payroll

T:  503.715.7470


Please send invoices to:

Superior Sweeping, Inc., PO Box 30255, Portland, Oregon  97294-3255

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